Episode 10

Episode 9

In today’s episode, following the series on philanthropy, I discuss Dadage #7. “I don’t believe in charity.  I believe in philanthropic investment.” I share some of the experiences in my life that caused me to devote so much of my time and energy to philanthropy. I talk about the early days in philanthropy. We discuss the differences between charity and philanthropy. I dive into the story around Hurricane Katrina.


Episode 8

In today’s episode, I am sharing with you Dadage #6 which is very special to me. “The most important thing we have to learn is learning itself.” This episode is centered around education. We explore the work of Dubois and how education must not simply teach work – it must teach life. We dive into liberal arts and what it means in our modern society. We talk about the pace of innovation and how current disciplines will be obsolete in the future like programming or engineering disciplines.


Episode 7

In today’s episode, I am sharing with you Dadage #5 which I hold to strongly. “ “Good health is not the only thing that matters, but without good health, nothing else matters.” I talk about the turning point in my life when I became a health freak. I share a little of my perspective on how age is just a state of mind. I share the story of the tragic death of my close friend Nate. I’ve provided resources to help all of you become more aware of your cardiac health on the Bulletin Board on www.dadages.com.


Episode 6

In Today’s episode, we discuss Dadage #4 “They call my generation Gen X because we are at a very unfortunate crossroads. We are the last generation responsible for making our parents happy, and the first generation responsible for making our children happy.”  We talk about the importance of vulnerability in establishing meaningful human connections and the value of sharing one’s story. I share some of my own experiences as a father, son, and husband, and the challenges of navigating family relationships and responsibilities.


Episode 5B

Today, we talk with Sean Collinson; he joins us for a continuation of the discussion of Dadage #3 “To Thine own self be true.” Sean shares incredible stories from his youth in Brooklyn and his rise through the hip hop scene as Kid Flash. He talks about developing smart habits and the mindset of discipline, commitment, and focus. He talks about the importance of making amends and how it changed his life. He shares his experience as a dad to two daughters and a son. We explore the revelations he received form his near death experience and his new life’s mission, as detailed in his book The Whiteout.


Episode 5

We explore Dadage #4 “To thine own self be true.”  While these words do come from Shakespeare, that’s not how I was originally exposed to them. In this episode we explore being true to one’s self, what it means and why it is a guiding principal. We talk about advice over consumption, and the right time for receiving advice. We talk about acknowledging the differences between. And Finally, I answer the questions I posed in the beginning of the episode.

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Episode 4

Welcome to the second half of our discussion of Dadage #3 “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”  We focus on this particular Dadage in a professional context. We explore how to navigate within and around the roadblocks to find a path to success. We dive in the importance of recognizing absolute vs. relative limits in business and a lot more!


Episode 3

Dadage #2 “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.” This is one of my go-to pieces of advice. While the statement appears to be foolish, that’s what I break down in this episode. I attempt to show that within reason and with some healthy guardrails in place, these words provide a mindset and a trajectory for success.

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Episode 2B

I am pleased to introduce you to our very first Dadages guest – Mr. Steve Frost.

The topic today is surrounding yourself with people who are better than you are.  We dive into his experiences and how he surrounded himself with great individuals that influenced his career as a voice actor and how he became the voice of Stanford Stadium on game days. He shares his perspective on family and how his dad’s presence in his life shaped him.

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