Chadding with Dads: A Conversation with Gary Rappaport (Part 2)

In this episode, host Chad Hagle continues the conversation with his mentor Gary Rappaport, founder and CEO of the Rappaport Company. In this second part of the interview, Gary shares his experience in business partnerships and how he’s handled some challenges that have come along with them. Gary and Chad also talk about the role of marriage and family in their lives. Gary offers insight into his family dynamics and emphasizes the importance of spending time making sure his family life is healthy while managing a successful business. Gary also discusses his passion for teaching once again, this time through writing and publishing books, with a new one coming out soon. This episode continues the series titled “It takes credit to make money.” Be sure to tune in this week to gain valuable knowledge from one of the most respected voices in the shopping center industry about real estate, investments, family, and life in general. 


Chadding with Dads: A Conversation with Gary Rappaport (Part 1)

In this episode, host Chad Hagle sits down with his mentor Gary Rappaport for a conversation about real estate, entrepreneurship, and life. Gary, a native New Yorker who now calls the Washington DC Metropolitan area home, is the CEO of Rappaport, a retail real estate company he founded in 1984. In this first part of a two-part series, Chad and Gary discuss Gary's journey in the real estate industry and how he not only builds but also manages real estate. Gary also shares his unique syndication model for investing in real estate and how he structures partnerships for sharing capital appreciation and cash flow. Tune in to learn from one of the most respected voices in the shopping center industry and gain valuable insights on building and managing successful real estate investments.


Chadding with Dads: a Conversation with Spencer Burton

In this episode of Dadages, Chad Hagle sits down with Spencer Burton to discuss real estate, family, and life in the industry. Spencer is the President for Stablewood, a next-generation real estate investment platform. Chad and Spencer talk about the importance of building relationships and creating a good reputation in the world of real estate through conferences and other methods and one of Chad’s go-to Dadages, “When all else fails, just show up.” Spencer also explains that his company is a digital multi-strategy operator, using data as a tool to create specializations, and what that looks like in real life and potential investment opportunities. 

Spencer shares his passion for real estate financial models. He explains how he uses the forecast of the future of real estate cash flows to build models with data, which provide outputs that influence investing decisions. Spencer adds another Dadage to the conversation, “The day that this stops being fun is the day I stop doing it.” He emphasizes the significance of enjoying what you do and having fun while you do it. Chad and Spencer discuss their experiences and stories that have been part of their journey and led to successful careers in real estate. 

This episode continues the series “It takes credit to make money.” Be sure to tune in this week to gain valuable insights into the world of real estate and all that factors into investment decisions from some of the best professionals in the field. 


The Distance Between Success and Failure

In this week’s solocast episode of Dadages, host Chad Hagle discusses the Dadage, “The distance between success and failure in my career has been measured by one variable – the ability to create a sense of urgency.” Chad focuses on how creating a sense of urgency in business has brought success in his career in real estate development through the years. He also emphasizes the importance of valuing time, even more than money, and explains the challenges he has encountered in contract negotiations while offering some guidance in this regard. 

In addition, Chad shares with the audience some of the difficulties he has experienced being a content creator and with the production process of his podcast during a busy time of the year. He also talks about some exciting new changes coming to Dadages, such as a new series called “The Entrepreneur’s Corner,” which will premiere soon.

This is the first of two episodes discussing the relationship between time and the business environment, focusing on business strategy and the pursuit of opportunities. The second part of the series will address the principles of sound project management and how the notion of creating a sense of urgency is applied in the project management process. Be sure to tune in this week and next to gain valuable insights into the crucial role that the importance of time plays in any business decision.


It Takes Credit (Part 2)

In this week’s solocast episode of Dadages, host Chad Hagle continues the discussion of the Dadage, “It takes credit to make money.” This time, the focus is on raising capital in the world of real estate development. Through the story of his initial foray into commercial real estate development, Chad dissects different components of the capital stack, early money vs late money in a real estate deal, and how you can leverage different forms of credit to your advantage.

In addition, Chad shares his thoughts on the recent banking crisis and the impact it is having on the credit market, relating it back to other forms of credit that may become a better path for growth in the near future.

This is the second and final episode in the “It Takes Credit” two-part series, with Part 1 having focused on early-stage tech companies. Be sure to listen to both episodes to gain the full scope of the discussion.


It Takes Credit (Part 1)

In this week's solocast episode of Dadages entitled “It takes credit to make money,” host Chad Hagle shares his strategies for raising capital for early-stage companies. Chad shares the stories of his first company during the dot-com boom of the late 1990s. He shares the stories of the Wild West from that time in Silicon Valley and what he learned about raising capital and dealing with venture capital investors.

Chad provides a model for building credibility in early stage companies as a means of building credit to secure funds from capital sources. He also provides valuable advice and a framework for creating an early-stage business plan.

Listen also to learn about the launch of Dadages version 2.0 and what that entails.

This episode is Part 1 of a two-part series, with Part 2 focused on raising capital for real estate development.


Chadding with Dads: A Conversation with Ward Hendon

Ward Hendon is an investor, teacher, and entrepreneur. His career has ranged from practicing law to starting and exiting a pioneering tech-enabled legal services firm, teaching MBA students, law students and incarcerated individuals, investing in promising new businesses, serving on boards, and mentoring/advising a handful of entrepreneurs and CEOs.


Chadding with Moms: a Conversation with Ina Coleman

In this episode, we break the mold and feature our first mom guest, Ina Coleman. She is a multi-talented woman who serves on several prestigious boards, including the advisory board of the USC Annenberg Center on Communication Leadership & Policy and the board of directors for River LA and Big Sunday. As a member of Stanford University's Council of Humanities & Sciences and the board of dean's advisors for Harvard Business School, Ina brings a unique perspective to the podcast. During our conversation, we dive into the importance of having conversations with your kids, particularly about safety and security as they become young adults. Ina shares her wisdom with us and introduces us to her own “momage.” Tune in for an inspiring and insightful conversation.


For-Profit Philanthropy

I am recommitting myself to philanthropic pursuits through what I have refer to as for-profit philanthropy. I formed a new non-profit organization focused on supporting meaningful for-profit objectives. SPAN – The Student-Athlete Professional Advisory Network. SPAN is focused on supporting worthy NCAA student-athletes in professional development opportunities while they are in school. Initially focused on a rollout at Stanford, SPAN is introducing an evolution of the new structure introduced by the NCAA allowing student-athletes to be compensated based upon the use of their name, image and likeness (NIL).


Chadding with Dads: a Conversation with Robert Wicks (Part 2)

Please make sure that you listen to Part 1 of this insightful conversation from the previous episode if you haven’t already.

During this part, Robert shares some tips and tricks to getting on the same level as your children.

Are you the parent sitting in the bleachers at a soccer game? Robert shares an alternative way to show up to the game.

After this podcast, you’ll be itching to take a hike. Listen now to find out why.