Chadding with Dads: A Conversation With Josh Wilson

In this special episode of Dadages, Chad joins Josh on the Uncensored Advice for Men podcast to share his wisdom and life experiences. From his family experience to insights on men’s health, Chad provides valuable advice for listeners. Tune in to hear their engaging conversation and gain insights that are not to be missed.
02:19 Retail real estate development.

06:40 Generational transference of knowledge.
08:10 Embracing Failure
12:26Sacrifices for financial success.
15:10 Father’s accomplishments and influence.
19:42 The importance of financial independence.
25:11 Investing in philanthropy.
28:19 Philanthropic investment.
31:01 Humanities and sciences.
36:32 Defining your own success.
37:59 Family wealth and generations.
42:00 Defining success for myself.

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Responsibility is a Luxury (Part 4)

The finale of our four part series on the Dadage, “responsibility is a luxury, accountability is the price you pay for it,” is here!

In this episode, host Chad Hagle turns the focus to responsibility and accountability in the home and how to build a family structure that embraces the responsible accountable mindset.
Using stories from his own childhood as well as his years as a parent, Chad breaks down the importance of being an example of the mindset, the three stages of accountability children go through, why you need to force the discomfort at times, and a whole lot more.
If you’ve missed any of the first three episodes in this series we highly encourage you to go back and watch them first. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

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Chapters:Cold Open (00:00)Introduction (01:20)Recapping the First Three Episodes of the Series (01:55)Defining Responsibility and Accountability (02:33)What Horton the Elephant Taught Chad (03:33)Honesty is the Ultimate Form of Accountability (05:58) The First, Last, and Only Time Chad Lied to a Teacher (09:58)Teaching a Child Consequences vs Giving Them Rules (13:49)Three Stages of Childhood Accountability (15:45)Chad’s Road Racing Teenage Days (19:12)Show Accountability, Don’t Tell (21:13)Force the Discomfort (23:17)Opportunity to Acknowledge Success (26:37)Recap and Wrap Up (28:15)
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Responsibility is a Luxury (Part 3)

In this third of what is now a four part series on the Dadage, “responsibility is a luxury, accountability is the price you pay for it,” host Chad Hagle takes a look at two societal forces or events from recent years and the impact they have had on undermining the responsible accountable mindset.

Those two major challenges to accountability are the generational shift of Gen Z’s workplace perspectives, and the once in a generation worldwide pandemic that has had lasting effects on how we live and work together. 

While breaking down these two challenges, Chad discusses ghosting, cancel culture, distrust of institutions, the differing definitions of collaboration, and much more.

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Cold Open (00:00)

Introduction (01:05)

Ghosting Goes Mainstream (03:20)

Chad’s First Time Being Ghosted (05:56)

Cancel Culture (07:10)

Should We Care? (10:07)

Joel Petterson Displays the Accountable Responsible Mindset (11:39)

Gen Z’s Distrust of Institutions (13:58)

Different Definitions of Collaboration (16:20)

Pandemic Changes Everything (20:22)

The Big Bailout (21:43)

The Great Excuse (27:04)

Final Thoughts (31:27)

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Responsibility is a Luxury (Part 2)

In this second of a three part series on the Dadage, “responsibility is a luxury, accountability is the price you pay for it,” host Chad Hagle takes the concepts around responsibility explored in part one and provides practical ways to embrace them and create frameworks that promote them within your professional environment.

During this solocast, Chad discusses how to hire smart and fire smarter, why taking primary accountability as a leader matters, how the bystander effect shows up in business, and much more.

If you missed part one we highly encourage you to go back and listen to that episode first so that you’ve got all the necessary context. It can be found on Spotify, Apple, or YouTube.

Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the third and final part of this series coming Wednesday, August 30th, where the focus will be building a family environment focused on the responsible, accountable mindset and how to instill that in your children.


Cold Open (00:00)

Topic Introduction (01:19)

Lessons from the Seals (02:24)

Primary Accountability for Leaders (03:36)

Three Lessons Learned (07:22)

How to Hire Smart (09:16)

Three Keys to Empowering Potential Team Members (13:36)

Key Principles for Managing an Organization (17:41)

Bystander Effect in Business (23:14)

Parting Thoughts (25:24)


Responsibility is a Luxury (Part 1)

We all know that with great power comes great responsibility, but do we know what great responsibility even means?

This episode of Dadages is the first in a two part series covering the Dadage, “Responsibility is a luxury, and accountability is the price we pay for it.” During this first portion of the discussion, Chad breaks down the concepts around responsibility and accountability in a global sense. He defines what they both actually mean, lays out the three different ways you can capture responsibility, and finishes up with three principles learned from the book, “Extreme Ownership.”

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Cold Open (00:00)

Dadage Introduction (01:25)

Defining Responsibility and Accountability (02:32)

Taking Responsibility (04:23)

Personal Responsibility (09:55)

Giving Responsibility (12:52)

Earning Responsibility (21:53)

Extreme Ownership Principle Number 1 (24:47)

Extreme Ownership Principle Number 2 (26:18)

Extreme Ownership Principle Number 3 (28:00)

Final Thoughts (29:48)

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Entrepreneur’s Corner with Jonathan Orr

This week in Dadages, Chad Hagle hosts a new installment of the Entrepreneur’s Corner series, this time with guest Jonathan Orr, not only an entrepreneur but also an alum of Chad’s company, Aventine Development Corporation. The conversation begins with Jonathan sharing some of his background with the Dadages friends and family, including his time at Chapman University in California and what led to his involvement in real estate and his time with Aventine. 

Jonathan grew up in Southern California and played football in college. The fact that his father was a real estate developer inspired Jonathan to get into the business. He had experience working for Hilton Hotels and other real estate firms, which eventually led him to work at Aventine. Chad and Jonathan then discuss the time of Jonathan’s job interview and hiring, and Chad reveals what is important to him when hiring and selecting people to work with him or in his companies. Chad emphasizes the importance of getting past a “me first” attitude to succeed. 

Jonathan also shares some candid stories of his experience working for Chad Hagle, how he discovered a lot about himself during that time, everything he learned that he has applied in his professional life since (like working remotely before it was common), memories about business road trips, as well as some of the challenges that the industry was facing at the time and how they worked to overcome them, using a time of crisis as an opportunity. 

The conversation continues as Jonathan explains what he has been doing professionally since his time with Aventine. He’s built his business as a developer with a focus on flexibility and adaptation, which he believes are key elements in the current environment. He also discusses the importance of time and how to maximize it by surrounding himself with the right people and setting up clear expectations when it comes to time. In addition, Jonathan shares what it has meant to him to work with family members and what challenges and blessings that setting has brought to him and his business. Chad then gives Jonathan the opportunity to pitch his new venture, 356 Development Advisors, what it does in real estate, its unique business model, and its value proposition. 

As part of this series, the tables turn and the guest gets to ask the host questions pertinent to their business. Jonathan asks for Chad’s opinion on what to look for when interviewing and hiring third-party contractors and how to select the right people to work with. Chad also offers his advice on topics like team building, expansion and diversification to new markets in real estate, communicating and connecting with investors and property owners, and balancing and integrating work and family life. Finally, Jonathan shares a classic dad joke to end the interview!

Make sure you tune in to this episode of Entrepreneur's Corner to learn valuable insights about the real estate business from experienced professionals in the field. 


Entrepreneur’s Corner with Martin and Zack Alcott (Part 2)

This week on Dadages, we continue our engagement with the Alcott family, as well as our celebration of disability awareness, by bringing you the second half of Chad’s Entrepreneur’s Corner sit down with father/son duo, Martin and Zack Alcott.

If you missed part one of the conversation, make sure to go back and check it out, as there you will learn all about Martin, Zack, and the entire Alcott family, as well as get an overview of their two companies, Get Skilled Access and The Field.

In this second half of the conversation, Martin and Zack get a chance to ask Chad some questions of their own pertaining to funding, the VC market in the US, how to go about launching their two companies in the US market, and much more.

The conversation concludes with a powerful story from Chad about a recent interaction he had that drove home the importance of everything related to disability awareness that these three have been discussing the past couple of episodes, so make sure you stick around until the end to hear that (yes, tears are shed). 


Entrepreneur’s Corner with Martin and Zack Alcott

Today we celebrate the 33-year anniversary of the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act by bringing you the latest edition of Entrepreneur’s Corner, where Chad welcomes to the virtual studio not one, but two amazing guests, father and son Martin and Zack Alcott.

Dadages Friends and Family may remember Martin Alcott from his recent appearance on Chadding with Dads, where he discussed his family’s experience with disability. Now, Martin returns, this time with (as Chad puts it) another member of the Alcott Braintrust, his son Zack, to discuss their two businesses: Get Skilled Access and The Field.

Get Skilled Access (GSA) is a consulting firm where expert consultants with real-life disability experience work collaboratively to give organizations the confidence to make better inclusive decisions. Ultimately, GSA wants to improve accessibility and inclusion for anyone and everyone.

GSA works with large and small organizations across all industries. They’re purposeful and focused on helping clients achieve their goals. With their holistic approach and professional and disability expertise, they’ll work within a client’s budget to improve accessibility and inclusion across an organization.

The Field is a marketplace platform job site that connects job seekers in the disabled community with organizations that are committed to inclusive hiring and building diverse teams. The Field welcomes job seekers with visible and non-visible disabilities, mental ill-health, neurodiversity, chronic illness, intellectual disability, or any workplace accessibility requirements.

During the conversation, Chad, Martin, and Zack discuss moving away from a medical model of disability and toward a social model, what working with major brands previously in their career taught them, lay out the value propositions of both companies, give insight into trust building within your customer base, and much more.

The conversation was so good that we had to break it up into two parts to fully digest all the value it had to offer. This episode is part one of the conversation and it will be followed by part two next week. Make sure to subscribe wherever you get your Dadages content so you don’t miss out!


Chadding with Dads: a Conversation with Martin Alcott

This week in Dadages, host Chad Hagle brings you the first international episode of the show! This episode continues the focus on the Dadage “Don’t let what you can’t do prevent you from doing what you can” and is also a tribute to Disability Awareness Month. Chad is joined in the virtual studio by Martin Alcott from Australia. Martin is the father of Dylan Alcott, who was born with a disability caused by a tumor on the base of his spine but grew up to become one of the best wheelchair athletes in the world. The audience learns about Dylan’s story, the health issues and struggles he had to face from a very young age, and how he overcame them to get to where he is today. He has won multiple trophies in both wheelchair tennis and basketball, in addition to being a public speaker, running his own foundation, and even working as an actor. Martin gives some valuable advice about facing frightening moments as a parent based on his own experience. He highlights Dylan’s relationship with his older brother Zack and their family dynamics. Chad and Martin then discuss people’s general attitudes about disability and the lack of understanding on how to interact with people with disabilities, visible and not visible. They also discuss the vernacular around disabilities and the right terms to use to talk about the subject. The conversation continues with Martin telling more about his own origin story and what prepared him to be a good father. He also explains some of the problems and biases people with disabilities still face in society and some of the initiatives he and Dylan have been part of to address those issues and make a difference. Finally, Martin and Chad talk about the changes their families have experienced, the way those changes have affected their children, and the good things that have come with remarrying and having blended families. Be sure to tune in next time to learn more about Martin and Dylan and the great work they do in their lives and businesses.


Don’t Let What You Can’t Do

In this week’s solocast episode of Dadages, host Chad Hagle reveals the only four-letter word that was prohibited in his family growing up, can’t. Chad explains how his father not only expected him to figure out how to do something but also expected him to struggle in order to develop self-reliance, and it worked. He learned that there’s always a way; it might not be obvious, and it might take a long time, but there’s no limit to one’s capabilities. Chad also shares some of the responses he got from his father and mother when he expressed frustration over something being too difficult, emphasizing the importance of not giving up. The episode continues with a discussion of the high number of adults who experience disabilities, a subject the Dadages team decided to dedicate time to in July, which is National Disability Awareness Month in the United States, inspired by some members of the Dadages friends and family. Some of them will share their stories in upcoming episodes, make sure you don’t miss it! Chad then talks about the “can do” mindset and its application to professional life, citing some of his own recent career experiences. He discusses the importance of understanding the rules, not to break them but to navigate them to produce the best outcome possible and maximize the results of hard work. Next, Chad explores the principle of tailoring communications toward achieving results in business by introducing efficiency into interactions and being prepared in the event that another party fails to respond or take action, always producing pathways forward. Finally, he addresses how to combat the very damaging human trait of procrastination. Chad’s advice is “Don’t let what you don’t what to do prevent you from doing what you should do.” He also gives some guidance to leaders on how to create a dynamic organizational structure that allows for the optimization of overall performance to ensure the highest level of achievement. Be sure to tune in to learn valuable insights about overcoming obstacles to accomplish great things. Don’t miss the rest of the episodes on this topic for the rest of the month!